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      Zhejiang Expressway is a listed company principally engaging in investing in, developing and operating of high-grade roads as well as securities business. The Company was incorporated on March 1, 1997 as an infrastructure company of the Zhejiang Provincial Government for investing in, developing and operating expressways and Class 1 roads in Zhejiang Province. The securities business is carried out by its subsidiary Zheshang Securities, which was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH Stock Code: 601878) in June 2017.
      Major assets operated by the Group include seven expressways namely the 248 km Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, the 141 km Shangsan Expressway, the 70 km Jinhua section of Ningbo-Jinhua Expressway, the 122 km Hanghui Expressway, the 82 km Huihang Expressway, the 93 km Shenjiahuhang Expressway and the 46 km Zhoushan Bay Bridge. Among which, apart from Huihang Expressway which is situated within Anhui Province in the PRC, the rest of the six expressways are situated within Zhejiang Province in the PRC. As at December 31, 2020, total assets of the Company and its subsidiaries amounted to Rmb130,063.38 million.
      On January 19, 2021, the Company completed the acquisition of 100% equity interest in LongLiLiLong Co, which then became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. The total length of expressways operated by the Group increased from 802km to 1,024km, further strengthening the scale of the Group’s core business.
      Incorporated on December 29, 2001, Communications Group, the controlling shareholder of the Company, is a wholly state-owned communications company established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government. It mainly operates a diversity of businesses, such as investment, operations, maintenance, toll collection and ancillary services of expressways; construction and building of transportation project, ocean and coastal transport; as well as real estates. On July 11, 2016, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Government carried out a merger and restructuring of Communications Group and Zhejiang Railroad Investment Group Co., Ltd. In July 2018, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Government carried out a merger and restructuring of Communication Group and Zhejiang Commercial Group Co., Ltd. Upon merger and restructuring, Communications Group will be responsible for the investment and financing, construction, operation and management of transport related fundamental facilities including expressways, railroads, key cross-region mass transit railways and integrated transport hubs.

      The H Shares of the Company, which represent approximately 33% of the issued share capital of the Company, were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 15, 1997, and the Company subsequently obtained a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange on May 5, 2000.


      With a solid foundation built on the Group’s expressway business, the Company will expand its main businesses scale, enhance its core competitiveness, and grow its financial and securities business so as to increase its profit contribution to the Group. Looking ahead, the Company will seize sound investment opportunities to acquire new projects, and strive to develop the Company into an international investment holdings company with a primary focus on transportation infrastructure investment and operation.



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